STOP Discussing Donald Trump’s Son Barron Trump Has Autism?

As a parent I am outraged at the media, personalities and parents who have taken to Twitter, Facebook and made videos to discuss and debate if President Elect Donald Trump son Barron Trump has Autism.  I want to pose a question to all of you, if this was your son, being discussed,

without your permission, a minor, in the media, how would you feel? I  would be outraged. I would want to protect and shelter my son. Barron Trump can read, is smart and saavy with the computer. How do you think he feels when he is reading all of these articles about himself?  I think it is irrelevant if Barron has Autism or if he does not have Autism, what is important, is he is a minor, an underage child, who has feelings and, will be hurt with all the media scrutiny and comments about himself from people he does not know. Ask  yourself this question, is this another form of bullying? Since when could we diagnose Autism from video clips? How can someone say Barron Trump has Autism.

Step back for a minute, and think how will Barron react? Will he rise above it, retreat, feel sad or happy? If he does not rise above it ( with the support from his parents, family and teachers) and be happy,  the person who made this video is hurting a child. We are all hurting this child by sharing the video and discussing a child. Please be clear I am not saying it is bad to have Autism, what I am saying is we are discussing a child who is a minor and speculating without permission. We maybe hurting him. These years are formative for children, they are learning about themselves, puberty is around the corner, he still has a lot of growing up to do, let us not hinder his progress.


This is not a political blog. I am not here to discuss policies or candidates. I have my own opinions but this is not the place to discuss them. However, I can say for surety, Donald Trump and Melania care and love  their child enough to make decisions in the best interest of their child.  That is enough for me. If Barron Trump has Autism or does not have Autism, he is being loved and taken care of in the best possible way. And, if you have an issue with Donald Trump focus your attention on him and, not an innocent child.

I am a parent with a child with Autism. I know the excitement of what it would mean to the world if there was a child with Autism at the White House.  The amount of Autism Awareness that would be raised in the world, perhaps policies like we have never seen before, research and programs,  that is, if Barron Trump has Autism, and if he wants to share it with you.  I am from Canada, the trickle effect would be welcome with open arms. And, even if Barron Trump does not have Autism, Donald Trump has already spoken about Autism, the topic is on his radar, should that not be enough? Let’s not drag the young boy in the middle.

Please lets give the boy some privacy.

There is only one victim and that is the child in question. Leave him alone. He is a minor.  I implore all of you. Think if this was your child? Let us stop guessing if Barron Trump has Autism.

I am NOT going to post the video and be a part of the sharing.

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