List of 5 Safe Autism Cosmetic Products for Girls and Boys

Finding safe Autism cosmetic products for the  boy or girl can be difficult. Being a woman myself, I remember  middle school and high school as a time, when bodies were changing and, girls were beginning to learn about  their bodies, make-up and hair. Learning about femininity,

discovering and embracing it can have it’s own challenges.  Although I have a son with Autism, and not girls, I can relate to the constant search for safe products  free of  areparabens, mineral oils,  phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate,  and do not contain gluten. Not only are these ingredients not good for your health, they harm the environment.

I am particular about the shampoos and soaps I buy for my family.  Make sure you read the package carefully. I have gone one step further, I know I am a bit obsessive,  the list I have compiled include companies who are cruelty free, not tested on animals and, safe autism cosmetic products.  The official signs for a cruelty free product and vegan  is

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“There are many companies that “greenwash” their products to make them look organic or natural but still sneak in harmful synthetics. These are not safe autism cosmetic products in my mind. Companies who don’t fully disclose their ingredients,  who call their product “organic” but lack actual certification are deceptive.   Some ingredients may *sound* natural, but are really hidden synthetics.  Be careful! ” Some greenwashing companies include Tarte Cosmetics and, Lush Products.  Read their ingredient list carefully on their make up and lotions.

According to Bumble and Bee Cosmetics  there is actually no such thing as 100% organic soap or even a certified organic soap. If you ever see a bar soap labeled with a certified organic seal, it is illegally labeled. If you see a liquid soap with a USDA organic seal, it is highly diluted.

I recently read a blog about a young woman with High Functioning Autism, Maranda Russell, who describes the difficulties of fitting in the status quo when it comes to embracing femininity and wearing make-up. It is important to note, not all girls and women will feel the way she does, as parents we don’t want to force our daughters to wear make-up or fit in the status quo. For those who are interested and want to experiment, I have compiled a list of cosmetic companies devoid of harmful ingredients and are cruelty free.

As a disclaimer, I could have missed an ingredient, I did my best. If you are able to comment or make this blog more informative and accurate please comment or contact us.

5 Companies That are Safe Autism Cosmetic Products

  1. Andalou Naturals

The products are all Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly, Vegetarian and Vegan, Fair-Trade, Gluten-Free, Natural, Organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. The amazing line consists of Hair Products, Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products.  There face products consists mostly of masks, cleansers, toners and creams. Body products include hand creams, body creams, shower gels and lotions.  My favourite product is the pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask.

2.  Bubble And Bee Organic

I love the deodorant from this company. They have a wide variety of products including toothpastes, organic insect repellent, bubble baths and lip balms. The lip balms are a great way to begin your child with applying different types of colours onto you lips. I have looked at many lipsticks and, while you can find lipsticks that are devoid of ingredients, it is hard to find them 100% perfect and organic.

3.  Sappho Organics

You can find the cosmetics on the online shop The Detox Market. The products include foundations, lip gloss and eyeshadows.  One caveat is the actual ingredient list in not listed online. However, they do make the claim ” Lip Glosses are created with the purest organic oils, butters & waxes . They are deeply pigmented with low heavy metal minerals and sweetened with lemon grass & a touch of stevia.”  I would ask for the list of ingredients to be sure you are okay before purchasing if the statement is not reassuring enough.

4. Alima Pure Cosmetics

Alima Pure Cosmetics has every cosmetic your daughter could possibly want to wear or experiment.  If your daughter does not like the hustle and bustle of cosmetic counters or is sensitive to noise or touch, shopping online can be a much more relaxed atmosphere. Sign up for the newsletter for specials and savings and, the eyeshadow sets are a great way to experiment.

Alima Pure Cosmetics describes their products as:

“All ingredients used in our formulations are created from natural minerals and mineral pigments that are carefully refined in laboratories to very specific standards set by the FDA and the European Cosmetic Directive. Our titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are pure untreated minerals. We always choose the very purest ingredients available for our products.

Actually it is inorganic – mineral-based vs. plant or animal-based. What this means is that our pure mineral makeup does not require preservatives or pesticides. It is also naturally chemical free, vegan,  for a few products nut  and gluten free. Products do not include nano particles and are not tested on animals.”

5. Make Them Yourself Or Avoid It Altogether

I know this sounds crazy, time consuming, it can actually be fun. Many products can be made at home. Yes they will have a short shelf life. There is nothing more natural than homemade make up. In the next couple of weeks I will be posting some of my very own special recipes.  Some of the items I make at home are home made wax, facial scrubs, body scrubs and masks.  Products that can be made with common ingredients found in your kitchen. I don’t wear powder or foundation on my face and, rarely wear blush. I don’t think wearing make up is as important as society make it out. Let us not push our children. We can learn a lot from Miranda.

This leads me back to Maranda’s Blog. The pressure was too much for this young woman and, I wonder if the pressure to be ” like others” had an affect of just not wanting to wear make-up altogether? I think it is important to recognize individual choices are important. It is more important for us to support our children to  be comfortable with themselves.

It Is Not Our Place To Judge Individual Choices. It Is Our Place To Respect Choices.

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