10 Best Autism Parent Blogs of 2016

Over the years,  I have enjoyed reading Autism parent blogs, being a part of their journey, feeling their emotions and, being able to relate to someone who was on  similar path. I remember following Kreed’s World with discipline, relating to Mom’s

journey of laughter, love and struggles. I cried when tragically Kreed passed away six months ago and, Mom’s world became ” silent” as she courageously published her feelings on her blog,  Nothing is more tragic than the loss of a child, sadly a feeling  I have felt myself. Parenting a child with Autism can have an alienating affect. Finding parents to relate to can sometimes be difficult. In the world of technology the internet can be a  wonderful place to making connections, friendships and, learn from others who have much knowledge to share. I have made many friendships, been able to ask questions, answer questions and be a part of the wealth of knowledge.

The blogs are not in any particular order.

I have made a list of 10 Autism Parent Blogs. ( Including Kreed’s World, above)
  1.  Mommy Autism Blog, Education Blog                                                                                                                                            blog.able2learn.com

This blog is a different blog than most others. It combines stories on Nina’s 13 year old son, Niam Jain, who has autism. The stories range from when Niam was born to using Niam as an example of how programs can be used. Niam is a recognized Canadian Abstract artist and autism model who has appeared in National campaigns and, has had sold out shows in art galleries. Stories are meant to be humorous. Nina even draws out hilarious satire crappy illustrations of her life we all can relate too.  Nina run’s a free Educational Website for special needs children called able2learn.com. She often posts blogs about education, how to use educational materials, parenting tip, do-it-yourself projects and, autism cooking. Check out Niam’s website www.niamjain.com. 


2.  Niam Jain Autism Artist and Model                                                                                                           http://niamjain.com/blog/

13 year old Niam Jain, from Canada,  has autism and apraxia speech.  He posts pictures and blogs of his life.A very cute blog. Watch this little  boy grow into a young man. Be inspired, and,  watch this talented young man defy all odds and become an independent business owner.  Experience the potential.  The  idea  of  using Niam  is  to  show  how  materials  can  be  used,  to  reach  the potential  in  your  child.   Please  note,  many  of  the   stories  reflect  when  Niam  was  a child, and how  they  were  used  to  teach  him  the  skills  that  has   made  him  independent,  and  entrepreneur  at13.blogbannerad_niamjain

3.  Effin Autism                                                                                                                                                              http://effinautism.blogspot.ca/

Mom describes her blog as

“To the world, I am a Positive Autism Mom who plays the card she’s been dealt with Grace and Humor. In truth, I can get pretty pissed off sometimes. This is where I will vent. I tend to curse. Be warned.” If you are looking for a blog that is not sugar coated this is the one for you. It is raw and insightful.

4. Autism and Oughtism                                                                                                                  https://autismandoughtisms.wordpress.com/

I love this blog. I stumbled upon it by accident. Mom describes her blog as

“I’m a mother of two sons, a ten year-old and a five year-old. Both of my children are diagnosed with autism, my youngest son also has a diagnosis of ADHD and dyspraxia. Much of my blog is about my parenting experiences with my ten year-old, who has had his diagnosis since he was three, but has shown signs of his autism well before then. I also blog about wider autism issues and a variety of autism view-points. ”

5. Autism From A Father’s Point Of View                                                                             http://www.stuartduncan.name/

As a mom, I love to read father blogs. It is wrong to say father’s are not sensitive or have the same feelings. What I love the most about father blogs is the perspective they have and, how they share their feelings.  Father describes himself and his blog as

“My name is Stuart Duncan and I am the father of 2 great boys, Cameron (Autistic) and Tyler, his younger brother. It wasn’t until my oldest son was diagnosed with autism that I recognized many similarities between us that lead to the eventual diagnosis of Aspergers for myself at the age of 36. It was at this point where I really started to recognize why I felt I didn’t belong in any other field and found my place within the autism community.”

6.  Michelle  Sutton Writes                                                                                                            https://michellesuttonwrites.com/

Michelle is an Australian writer and neurodiversity rights advocate, with a background in education and psychology. Michelle is part of a neurodiverse family, with neurodivergences including autism, bipolar, depression, anxiety, sleep challenges and sensory sensitivities. Michelle identifies as Autistic. Michelle writes on a variety of topics.

7. Confessions Of An Aspergers Mom                                                                              http://confessionsofanaspergersmom.blogspot.ca/

Mom has three son’s, one with Autism. Mom’s blogs are very insightful, raw and emotional. She describes her situation by describing her feelings in detail.  She talks about the good and the bad. She does not make it out to seem like she has all the answers. Her advocation for her son is admirable.

8. Bubbles Make Him Smile                                                                                                          www.Bubblesmakehimsmile.com

Mom has a child with Autism.  She describes herself as ” a mother, I will never give up on my child who has autism. I will never give up hope.  I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

 9. The Autism Dad                                                                                                                                                                                            www.theautismdad.com

Pretty impressive, dad has a host of blogging awards. Yeah Dad!  Dad describes his very raw and emotional blog as ” is to provide insight, from a Dad’s perspective, into the life of my family raising three totally awesome boys with Autism and various other special physical/emotional needs.I provide support to the Autism community, both publicly and privately.

My mission is to show others of similar circumstance that they are not alone, while at the same time, educating the rest of the world as to what Autism families can experience on a daily basis.

I do all of this out of a true desire to make a difference and set a positive example for my kids. ”

Niam communicates through his paintings. Check out  Niam’s beautiful painting.


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