How To Use The I Can Go To The Eye Doctor Social Story For Autism

Using the ” I Can Go To The Eye Doctor Social Story for children with autism can be a great way to help prepare a child for a visit. Generally, going to the eye doctor can be a traumatic experience for children with autism.

Trips to the eye doctor can be difficult to prepare for, especially since it is not a regular routine. My son visits the eye doctor once a year and sometimes once every two years. The infrequent visits don’t allow for familiarity.  When Niam was young, he was very afraid of visiting the eye doctors office. The experience was new. The machines are scary especially the ones with the puff.

I created I Can Go To The Eye Doctor Social Story For Autism Children to help with anxiety, expectations and to create familiarity.


  1. Read The Social Story 

Reading the social story to your child with autism can be very helpful.  I would recommend reading the eye doctor social story regularly.  A few weeks before the appointment read the eye doctor social story more often. This will help with familiarizing the child with expectations.

eye doctor social story

2.  Ask and Answer Questions

While reading the eye doctor social story to your child ask questions. Point to the pictures and ask your child “What is happening in the picture?”,  ” What do you think will happen next?” . Encourage your child to ask questions. Try to minimize their fears.

3. Make Positive Comments

While reading the eye doctor social story make positive comments to your child. ” The doctor is nice”. You know your child the best, make positive comments to ensure your child feels safe and confident in their next visit to the eye doctor office.

4. Use The Eye Doctor Social Story As A Visual Schedule

I used the social story with Niam as a visual schedule.  I began the social story before we left the house. I read one page at a time, to remind Niam what was the next step. It seemed to help Niam.  Niam is a bit scared of the puffy machine. I spent extra time on this page, reminding him it does not hurt. He did well with the eye doctor machine.

eye doctor social story for autism

Niam wears glasses. As a result we end up frequenting the eye doctor’s office at least once a year.  Going to the eye doctor is becoming a better experience for us. Niam is still scared of receiving eye drops in his eyes. Many years ago Niam had a traumatic experience. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Many years ago when Niam was 5, we gave Niam eye drops. Niam’s language comprehension was not as developed as it is today. He did not understand he should not walk when eye drops are applied. It is important to wait for the specified time. Niam began to play and run. I tried to catch him but he was too fast for me. He tumbled down the stairs. My heart stopped.  One of my neighbours is a doctor and he came over within minutes of the accident. Niam escaped the ordeal unharmed.

I wanted to share this story with all of you, just to bring light to the dangers of eye drops. It may be hard for some children who are non verbal or with minimal speech to be able to articulate when they can see properly after eye drops have been applied. It is important to be diligent and to ensure the specified time to wait before the child moves is adhered to diligently.


We often make the mistake of thinking communication is limited to speech,  sign language or text. In Niam’s case it is through the wonderful world of abstract art.

Purchase this beautiful canvas print with inspirational quote of Niam’s original artwork. Hang it up in your home and be inspired.eye doctor social story_autism blog_ mommy blog_autism mommy blog


Niam wants to work. He does not want to be dependent despite his disabilities.


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