8 Tips To Help Your Child With Autism Move Homes

Moving can be a traumatic experience for children. A child with Autism move homes can be more challenging. Just yesterday we moved homes. Lucky for me we only moved a few blocks away. Many items in Niam’s life stayed the same.

I have compiled a list of helpful tips to help your child with autism move homes. Don’t be compelled to do all of them. Pick a few you think are important and will be helpful for your child. I am happy to report Niam has adjusted well.


1.Visit Your New Home With Your Child 

Take your child to visit the new home. We scheduled a few visits. Niam walked the home. We talked about the different rooms. He familiarized himself with the space. We let him hang out. Giving enough processing time can be helpful in the long run.

2. Let Your Child Pick Their Room

As we roamed the house and, we made our way to the top floor, I showed Niam two rooms. We walked both bedrooms. I asked him which one he wanted, he picked the room on the right. I was happy he picked a room. He was satisfied with his choice and one less worry for me.

3.  Get To Know The Neighbours

My husband and I went to meet the neighbours. We introduced ourselves and also found out the ages of their children. My older son, Rohan, was disappointed to find out most of the kids on the street were under the age of 10 years old. I told them we have a son with autism. If you have a child who is prone to wandering it would be good to let them know, provide a fact sheet of contacts, emergency phone numbers or any other relevant information including a picture.

We walked the area with Niam. Visited the closest park and played there for awhile. Later we visited the ice cream store. This was a definite sell for Niam.

4. Create A Social Story

It can be traumatic for a child with autism move homes. I found creating  a social story to explain the move was very helpful. Describe the area, the house, the date the family will move. Make the story positive and fun. Be creative and address some of your child’s fears.

5. Create A Visual Schedule For The Day Of The Move

My schedule for the moving day was very simple for Niam. It began with Niam scheduled to goto to school.  The moving truck arriving at 9:oo am , picking up Niam at 4:00 pm and dropping him at his grand parents house for a fun sleep over. It ended with the movers moving our belongings to a new home.

6. Safe Place For Your Child During The Move

While there are many tips your  child with autism  move home, creating a safe place during the move is essential. I chose a weekday as Niam would be in school. I could have left Niam with his grandparents on a weekend, but in the end we decided the best place for Niam to be during the move would be at school. He loves school and it is a safe place. He loves his grandparents home and his grandmother’s cooking. He was quite excited to go there after school for a sleep over.

7.  Gather Essential Medicines and Food

I can’t stress how important this is for your child. The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling for essential medications and food if your child is on a specific diet. I took Niam’s favourite foods to the house the night before. I had a few glasses, cutlery, plates and necessary pots and pans ready to use to make the transition easier.

8. Let Your Child Help With The Packing and Unpacking

If  your child likes to pack or unpack this can be a great. Unlucky for me, Niam had no interest in packing his items or even unpacking. He is  a great inspector. He made sure we packed everything and did not forget any of his favourite items. He monitored me unpacking while he leisurely listened to music on his i phone. I did not bring a rocking chair from his room he never used, I was happy there were no meltdowns over the missing furniture.

I was quite lucky. Our transition for the move went quite smoothly. Children with autism move homes can have different experiences. Be creative. Choose the tips that are helpful for your child and your family.


We often make the mistake of thinking communication is limited to speech,  sign language or text. In Niam’s case it is through the wonderful world of abstract art.

Purchase this beautiful necklace of a print of Niam’s original art. Wear it around your neck and be inspired.

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Black red original print niam jain autism artist


Niam wants to work. He does not want to be dependent despite his disabilities.


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