Able2learn is working to help struggling parents, teachers and schools involved in special education, faced with limited budgets

educate children with autism.

CDC reports Autism rates have increased more than 30% over the last ten year. The influx of children entering  the school system for special education has been challenging for many teachers. Special Education teachers are ill-equipped, lacking in training, supports and the proper funding to teach classes effectively hobbling the success of our children. An American study found the top 10% of teachers impart three times as much  learning as the worst 10% of teachers in a single year. Imagine the possibilities  if the best teachers had access to accommodated materials and  taught our students, we could see a rise in the rate of achievement in special education classes. The issue of educating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is an important one, it can affect the overall quality of life for a child well into the future, affecting postsecondary employment,  and overall education outcomes.

When examining the special education system it seems everyone is looking for a miracle with no focus in site. School Boards have minimal funding to invest in Special Education teacher training, usually the first the receive cuts in funding,  unions get involved limiting the role of our  teachers, government policies and new programs are usually directed in the area of private funding, all more of a large mish mash with no real goal or strategic plan for the future. What everyone is missing, is a laid out standardized curriculum with a focus on ABA principles, early learner skills with alignment to the Education Ministry. This would allow for seamless integration into the school system and the development of skills in multiple modalities such social skills paired with academics. This would allow for more easy  accessability by focusing on the diverse skill set of our children.

Able2learn was created  with the idea of improving  access to education and special education  materials, strategies, tips for the teachers and, training ideas on how to use the materials to revolutionize the system. The curriculum focuses on early learner skills aligned to academic subjects to allow for integration, behaviour management and other supports necessary for our children to be successful at school, ABA programs  life skills programs. Able2learn materials are unique as they are made in levels allowing for a teacher to download materials to easily create individualized education plans. Imagine a teacher in a regular classroom with 20 children at all different levels.

Furthermore, we have to take a closer look at how children with Autism are being assessed in the school system and what essential skills are being taught. Many high school children with Autism are given life skills programs in school to teach cooking, laundry and other tasks to be independent. Yet, research shows many youths are still living at home (45%) and fewer than 10 % have necessary independent day-to-day household skills such as meal preparation, making it imperative to have life skills with goals and testing as a subject. Making life skills a mandatory subject with goals that must be  achieved is imperative. If we don’t look at this with more seriousness, what will happen to all these adults when their caregivers are no longer able to care and provide the necessary supports?

When we take a closer look at the work of ABA Therapists and Special Education Teachers we know they are doing a great job with the limited resources and training programs available to them. If you stop to think about it, making individualized education plans for each child in a classroom and than individualized modified programming is very difficult. This is why it is very important to have a resource base of good quality education materials for teachers and special education teachers to be able to download to create these much needed plans and to try to fill in the gaps we know exist. It does not matter if the teacher is teaching a typical classroom or a special education classroom. The free printable worksheets can be used by any type of teacher.

The Project Is An Ambitious One. Nothing Is Impossible.

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Niam Jain Autism artist, autistic artist paints this beautiful abstract art
Niam Jain Autism artist, autistic artist paints this beautiful abstract art

Check out Niam’s beautiful paintings and think of him when you require a painting for your home or a gift for someone special.

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