What Autism Mommy Needs A Break? Hilarious Crappy Cartoons.

What? Autism Mommy Needs A Break? Check out this hilarious crappy cartoon illustrations made by me of a snippet of my life…

Autism Mommy loves to have her coffee in the hot sun in the backyard, alone, in solitude, taking in her gorgeous “well maintained ” flower garden. Yup, there are only two flowers… that’s all I have time for… aren’t they breathtaking?


autism mommy-mommy-needs-a-break-page-2-bicubic

What? Autism mommy wants to be alone in the backyard? But everyone is hungry – AGAIN!

Everyone needs a break! Autism Mommy thought she would be smart, sneak out to the Beach in Miami.  She got up early, put on her bikini, got her towel, her freshly brewed coffee and found an amazing spot on the beach – ALONE…

break-20-bicubic- autism mommy- coffee break

Bad Autism Mommy! How dare you imagine, the bright blue ocean, the sun shining bright, the wind blowing in your hair with a freshly brewed coffee in your hand?

And Just When You Thought Autism Mommy Found A Place To Drink  Freshly Brewed Coffee.

autism mommy-coffee break -mommy-needs-a-break-5-bicubic

 If you have been to my house, you will know all day long its Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Nina , Nina, Nina. I live in a house with three “nagging” but somewhat nice boys who always want or need something. Sometimes I crave for solitude. Actually, not sometimes, ALL THE TIME. I must admit, it is impossible to find quiet time. I think I just may have found a spot…

autism mommy-mommy-needs-a-break-16-bicubic

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Thanks for dropping by to my corner of the world. So proud of my son Niam Jain Autism Artist. Check out his beautiful painting.

Blue sky autism artist autistic artist Niam jain
Check out Niam’s beautiful paintings and think of him when you require a painting for your home or a gift for someone special.
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