Autism Mommy Fell. Her Sons Laughed & Posted It On Youtube!

Where do I begin the autism mommy rant? Check out my hilarious crappy illustrations of my funny life.

All week I have been running around, cooking, dealing with my three needy boys. I was looking forward to Sunday night. We were invited to a 50th Birthday at a Banquet Hall. I was looking forward to a fun family evening with a bit of stress free adult conversation. Not too much to ask? Right? If your an Autism Mommy you know when I say this … don’t hold your breath.

In my head, I thought it was one of those parties I would do some mingling, sit down for the night and leave. Autism mommy strategically sat her children at a table right near her, while I sat with adults to enjoy some good conversation.

Half way through the night the MC thought it would be “fun” to call various couples on the dance floor for impromptu dances. Of course no matter how much I hid, autism mommy got called to my dismay and my children’s delight.   Not only was mommy not in the dancing mood I was wearing one of those six inch pencil high heels, the kind you wear when your hubby drops you off at the door, you enter and after a bit of idle chit chat standing up, you sit down for the rest of the night not daring to get up.

To top it all off, I was wearing a sari. Needless to say, as a second generation, my Indian Sari wearing capabilities are rather poor. Reluctantly, my husband and I went up to the dance floor, and we danced to Indian music. I felt my sari unravelling while I held it, my pencil heels got caught on the material and yup, I fell backwards and hurt my elbow.

My darling boys laughed ( including Niam). Taped it and posted on Youtube for the world to see. Gotta love them! 

It gets worse. My elbow hurt all week. Check out the beautiful warm, comical and loving responses my family had for me. So much love for the Autism Mommy. Almost makes me wish I had more children?!? I created these comics for a bit of fun and humour.

I go tell my darling husband, Ravi my elbow hurts…


I thought , just thought, maybe autism mommy could sleep in….


Finally , free time….  let me rest on the couch…


I broke down sobbing, everyone felt sorry for autism mommy and broke out some music….

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Yup That’s My Life!

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