Girls with special needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder, receive their periods just like

typically developing girls. Your daughter will require a lot of  support to help her through this time.  Your daughter’s body will go through physical changes during puberty, she may experience sensory issues when she begins to get her period and she may not understand what and why this is happening. It can be scary.


1.  Talk About It Early.
It is important to start the conversation early about what is a period. It may take longer for your daughter to understand the concept, it is important to start talking about it early.

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2.  Use A Social Story To Introduce The Concept.
A social story is  a great way to introduce the topic of what is a period, how often she will receive it, and what to do during this time. You can download our social story for free. Use the social story to answer questions and begin a conversation.

3. Take A Trip To The Drug Store
You can take your daughter to the drug store show her the different pads in their packages. You can purchase one, and bring it home. This is a good opportunity for the parent to decide which pads or tampons will be right for your child. Open it up, and let her see it, feel it, and even show her how it is used.

4. Use Visual Supports
Visual supports can be used to help your child remember the sequence of what to do.  For example, take of pad, wrap pad with toilet paper, put in garbage …

5. Talk To Professionals Who Can Help
Getting advice from your family doctor can be helpful. Talking to the school nurse is beneficial especially if she requires any help when you are not there.

Having a period can be a frightening experience to a child with Autism or Special Needs. By introducing the concept early, and discussing it, you can help them prepare for the day.

6. Use An APP or Calendar To Schedule Period
Not all girls are regular, however, if your daughter is, use an App or Calendar to help her know approximately when her period may come every month. It will help prepare her.

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7. How To Cope With PMS
Use a social story or have a conversation about what is PMS, how your daughter may feel and, what can she do to make herself feel better. Our social story touches on this topic. Download it for free.

Remember, it can be a difficult time for your daughter to adjust to these new hormonal and bodily changes. Patience will be the key to helping you and them get through their growth. Do you have any suggestions or perhaps apps you’ve found helpful? Please feel free to share and comment below. If you find my article helpful, don’t forget to share it on social media!

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