1.  If I tell you my son has Autism, please do not say ” I AM SORRY” , he is born
different, neither us nor he requires sympathy.

2. Do not feel awkward around him. Niam may not behave like a neuro-typical child, his behaviour is who he is, don’t react or treat him differently.

3. Children with Autism are loving and very affectionate, any notions on the contrary are myths. Niam loves his brother, his family and friends. 13119117_945922368857056_13172718209878716_n

4. Not one child with special needs is the same as another child, each child has their own unique personality, talents, behaviours and challenges. Don’t say, ” Your child does not look like my friend’s son who has Autism”

5. Not all therapies have the same impact  for all children, please do not say,” Family A did this therapy and their child is doing way better or you should do this, why haven’t you tried it yet.”

6. Do not think or say I am a bad parent if my child is not behaving perfectly in a store or a restaurant. I may not discipline him the way  you want to see right at that moment, there are different strategies I may use, like wait until I get home, role play, use social stories to explain and teach.

7. Children with Special Needs and Autism can be very smart, some of the best inventions have been made by persons on the Autism Spectrum, there brains work differently, making it natural for them to think outside the box.

8. Accept our children the way you would want your child accepted in society.

9. Understand when we fight for accommodations we are not asking for special privileges, rather we are trying to carve a place for them in this world where they can be independent and contributing members of society.

10. Children with Special Needs and Autism need love from their family and others just like any other child. They understand, regardless of the degree of Autism, when they are not loved, wanted or accepted.

What would be in your list of 10 things you wish people knew? Don’t forget to share yours.

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Download free education materials and printable worksheets at www.able2learn.com