Niam was diagnosed with Autism at the tender age of 2.5 years old. I remember the day

if it was yesterday. I was devastated. I came home and cried for days. I am a business major, worked in the banking sector, hated sciences and never took a psychology or mental health course.  I had no idea what is Autism? What is ABA Therapy? Was it invasive? What was I going to do? 11 years back ABA resources were slim, information was difficult to attain and everyone who was NOT qualified was a specialist.

I Was A Young Mother Whose World Was Caving In From All Directions
The diagnosis of Autism has been a challenge for me, the road a long difficult windy one, the end results more rewarding than I can explain in words. As a mother, I was determined not to give up. I used my research skills and dove head first into the world of ABA, ABA Therapy, Therapists, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and the list goes on.

The World May Have Given Up Hope On Autism But I Had NOT!
Between therapy sessions, internet research, driving across the city four times in a day to see multiple specialists, often in my pyjamas, creating ABA Resources, taking courses, I managed to stay positive. The key is to stay positive and not give up hope. Yes there are times of frustration and despair. These are the times we must rely on friends and families.  See my blog post on 10 tips for the new Autism Parent.

I have taken some extreme measures  for quiet time, see my hilarious post So I Lied Kill Me.


Here are some Practical Tips for all you mommies and daddies when you are having a bad day!

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Today I am happy to report Niam is considered to be an emerging artist. He has his own Facebook Page and his own website.

Share a bit of love,  support and like his FACEBOOK PAGE. Niam refers to himself as Niam Jain Autism Artist. It is important to us as a family to refer to Niam as a Autism Artist. Autism is who he is, it is not a disease and there is nothing to be embarrassed. This is an opportunity to raise autism awareness by showcasing children with Autism can grow up to be productive persons in society with accommodation and assistance.  We have to change our way of thinking.

Niam has been featured on Global News and has been covered in various media outlets.  Samsung Canada has created an amazing video about Niam showcasing autism abilities rather than disabilities.  Check it out. I am proud to say Niam sold his first painting at a Art Gallery.

Did ABA Cure Niam?
I find this question quite funny.  The answer is NO! ABA Therapy did help Niam gain some amazing milestones. Early Intervention is extremely important and will make a difference in your child’s life. However,  Niam still has Autism.  Niam has emerging speech and comprehension. He still requires a support worker. That being said, it does not mean Niam is not progressing. He is, and is living his life to the fullest. He is successful and happy!  I do not measure him or his success by comparing him to others. I compare him to himself. As long as he is trying, improving no matter how small the milestone and, striving to be his best, this is what is important.

And Remember Persons With Autism Are Capable Of Being Productive.

Never Give Up!

glistening forest autism artist autistic artist niam jain emerging artist abstract artist

Check out Niam’s beautiful paintings and think of him when you require a painting for your home or a gift for someone special.

Support Autism. Employ Autism.


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