I remember trying to toilet train Niam, my son who has Autism, an experience I have no desire to repeat.  I wishedI had visual supports to use, and knew how to use them. A newly diagnosed child with autism is a difficult time, trying to find therapy centers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, educational materials, not to mention the emotional turmoil, who has time to create token boards and search for visuals??  See our toilet training section for free downloads of visuals and social stories.

Recognizing toilet training can be difficult, all children will learn differently, supports will not be the same, I have created various different resources, social stories and, visual supports to aid your child in this very important milestone. Toilet training can be more difficult and challenging for children with special needs, sensory issues, understanding, bowel control are issues that may require extra support.

Some parents and therapists may have to pair more than one resource to teach toilet training. This is not uncommon.

This resource is ideal for the child who is already a familiar with the steps of toilet training, choose one of the three motivating themes, or use all three in different bathrooms around the house or in homes the child frequents to keep consistency of training.

My Three Bathroom Rewards can be downloaded for free.

This package comes with:
1. Three charts with different themes. (firefighter, balloon, and boats)
2. Two of the charts are for peeing and one is for pooh.
3. This package has 24 icons per theme.
4. This page comes with 6 reward icons per theme.

1. Laminate all the items – this will help them last longer and make the reusable.
2. Cut out all the pieces – follow along the dotted lines, instructions are also available in each package
3. Velcro all the pieces – add velcro to the laminated charts and to the back of all the cut out pieces
4. Choose the bathroom chart your child will enjoy.

5. This bathroom chart can be placed anywhere in the bathroom.
6. The child must complete the 6 tasks to get a reward.
7. Reward icons are paced on the left side of the chart.


I hope these charts would be helpful towards your child’s growth! If they have, don’t forget to leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

My older son is a environmentalist and made this
What Is Earth Day Story for our kiddos to learn about
the environment, and how we can help preserve it.
Download it for free.


Buy A Niam Jain Original Painting. This painting can
be purchased on our online store and, is currently
being displayed at a Gallery in Calgary.

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