I wanted to let you all in on a elusive story, a story about to break any moment, on BBC ….

  ssshhh…..,  I have the pirated copy of the interview,  already uploaded to YouTube from someone half way across the world, of why our children with autism can be unhappy and have warranted outbursts. The interview was  telepathic, of course, he ONLY has emerging speech, the topic: life as he sees it, the things I am doing wrong or just don’t seem to understand, I am told to throw away the ABA Textbooks, the answers are in our children’s reality.Mommies why can’t you get it right?

Here Are Tips I Was Mentally Messaged From My Child.

1. It is hard being an Autism Child!  We don’t understand all this “talking business”, “expressing” , such a waste of time, it is so much easier to show you,  an outburst, or a full on tantrum is easy, quick and to the point. We are busy bodies and don’t have time for pleasantries.

Don’t worry I think to myself, we got it loud and clear.

2. I look forward to eating, enjoying my favourite carbs, my favourite dessert, limiting my desserts is okay, sometimes, I have some real issues with some of the other strategies you try to put in place, tasting, smelling swallowing – how barbarious, were not in the stone ages! Here are some quick tips:

a. Don’t put other food items on my plate, even if you want me to try it or to introduce me to new foods If I want a new food I’ll let you know in a few millineums. Why do you have to let other “things” foreign to this world, that may cause some type of disease, touch the masterpiece of fine dining, like my cheese pizza, with a salad?

b. I am not into tasting, swallowing and smelling, if I wanted to do this I would ask you to take me to a tasting menu. I don’t mind sharing and,  feeding the floor that green salad, but what I don’t understand is why do you feed it to the garbage can and get mad? It was meant for the floor and your always going on about sharing… Aaaah!

3. I don’t understand all these social rules,  they really put a damper on my day, like nice talking, wait for my turn, hands to myself, why can’t I just say what I want, do what I want and be done with it, my day is scheduled with important events, like lining up my toys, counting items, watching my favourite movie for the 100th time, playing games – I got to break the high score and than start again.

4. I just don’t understand all these rules about clothes, why do they have to match?  A shirt is a shirt, pants are pants, I know my colours, they were ingrained in my head during ABA therapy,  this whole colour matching concept was invented  to torture me, and while I am ranting why do we have to wear clothes anyways?

5. I have my routine set, I love my schedule,  the same foods, toys, movies, songs, “Why do I have try something different?”,  wouldn’t you rather save money, be headache free, and not worrying about planning and searching for something I don’t want to do anyways?

The interview was exhausting, I think I’ll go get a bottle of wine, maybe a couple, actually following the great advice from Niam, all the money saved from therapists trying to mold him, I could fill my wine cellar, wait I don’t have one,  now I can finally pay for one.

Thanks Niam! We all love our ASD children just the way they are…uh …well most of the time. 🙂

Check out this great painting by 13 year old Niam Jain Autism Artist. He is running a small business, who says our children can’t be contributing members of society?