Many times children with Autism have difficulty working on skills that sometimes come easier to their peers, I took the skill of drawing and broke it down into simple to follow steps for our kiddos to learn, become successful and build cognitive skills. Learning to draw can lead to other skills such as learning to copy, hold a pencil properly and following  directions. These materials can be used by parents at home to practice skills, by teachers and therapists.  Many teachers are using the materials in an inclusive classroom.  Inclusive classrooms are important  for many skill development including social skills.

Any child can benefit from these programs regardless of disability.

Activities like  drawing help develop other visual perception, colour identification, visual sequencing, copying, sequencing, fine motor skills, spatial awareness and, in our exclusive FREE Able2learn education materials, reading and comprehension. Able2learn Inc. materials come with visual pictures to aid the student in the comprehension of instructions. Download other printable worksheets for free to provide additional accommodations, a visual how to sit properly, how to hold a pencil,  token boards for rewards and a data sheet for data collection.


  1. Choose the curriculum from
  2. Put the items in your shopping cart, sign up for an account and check out for free.
  3. The teaching resources can be downloaded to your computer.
  4. Print out the resources.
  5. Option to laminate.
  6. If you are having trouble follow our visual instructions for adults. 
  7. If you have more questions and want more details learn more about the curriculum.

All of our curriculum comes with visual instructions to teach independence, following directions, reading and comprehension.

Remember Teaching and Learning is About the POTENTIAL not about the CURE or KEEPING UP with others.

My son Niam Jain Autism Artist, has minimal speech and comprehension. By giving him the best education I could , I was able to tap into his strengths. Check out Niam’s extraordinary story.


14 Year old Niam Jain Autism Artist created this beautiful work of art, TREES, acrylic on canvas, 40″x60″ check out his gallery at,


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