For many years, I have been frequenting a beautifully furnished restaurant called La Vecchia Ristorante, in the
prestigious Yonge and Eglington area in Toronto, for the last  eight years, often bringing my children, including my child with Autism, to eat and enjoy the  authentic, to die for,  Italian food, a  bustling restaurant, where it is impossible to get a reservation. Most of the restaurant goers are   couples, sometimes we see families, I’m proud to say we have never been refused or turned away.

I want to start of by listing all the wonderful things this restaurant has done for our family:

1. They recognize us and warmly invite us in, acknowledging and saying hi to both my children.
2. Have sent free ice cream for the kids, and a  liquor for the adults on many nights, an act of kindness that means more to the heart than words can say.
3. Come to our table to ask us if everything is okay.
4. Have never refused us, even if we don’t have a reservation.

Your act of kindness, has allowed my child with autism, Niam, to learn how to use a napkin, sit quietly without a tablet, order, read a menu, eat with the proper utensils, have table manners all through your patience over the years.  By allowing our son to grow, he has flourished in many other ways, you may not know, Niam has become a budding artist with his works being shown at galleries, at 13 his speech is still emerging, through the acceptance he has received from many in the community, yours being pivotal, he has managed to find a place for himself in this world, he would not have  had this confidence if it would not have been for people like you who have accepted him as he is, a child who is growing, learning and trying to understand the complex world around him.

I want you to know, he loves your restaurant, a place he feels comfortable, and loves to frequent. You may not understand this huge step, yesterday he graduated from eating your yummy authentic Italian cheese pizza and homemade  pasta with tomato sauce, two meals he has ordered for years at your restaurant,  to homemade stuffed ravioli, it took a bit of time before he had his first bite, and than the rest was history, I’ve never seen him eat so fast, an exciting moment for our family, that prompted this letter.

High end restaurants with great food and service deserve a 5 star rating, if I could give you more stars, I would, a restaurant with three brothers, who understand the meaning of “family” and love children, you have made the experience of “fine dining” amazing for us, it is why we frequent often, bring our friends and write about you.  Massimo, one of the brothers, Thank You, for just being you, your graciousness, hospitality and kindness is exemplary and, a role model for other restaurants, sometimes tolerance is a word people forget

The funny thing is I don’t even think you know what an impact you have had on our family and your usual fantastic personality is anything out of the ordinary, that is what makes this even more beautiful, and to your parents , you must be so proud of your three sons.

Pay It Forward – the email address is in case anyone wants to let Massimo know just how he has had an impact on one child.

Follow Niam on Facebook and visit his website to know what is the potential of our children. New collection loading soon.

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