It has been a regular month, a regular week, even a regular day, if you are an ASD Mom, the word “regular” has all types of meanings and connotations, and no “regular” does not mean a normal schedule like dropping the kids off, going to the gym,  having a coffee, going to work, the word is loaded for a special needs mom beyond the scope of comprehension for the typical parent.

My day, where do I begin, I wake up with a schedule, a schedule that requires detailed planning from Therapists, to Senior Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, Psychologists, Developmental Doctors, Occupational Therapists, Natural Paths, Cranial and the list goes on and on and on, by the end of the week it expands, as some caring friend, has found yet another professional I must visit.  Not only do I have to juggle everyone, I have to be cordial and nice when I meet them, and pretend I am not exhausted, feeling “bitchy on occasion” smile and, say pleasant niceties. I am the first to wake up, the last to go to bed and, still there is something I did not do,  the guilt of not being able to do everything for your child can be overwhelming.

As you can tell today is one of those days.

I lost my eyeglasses on a recent trip in March Break to my dismay, maybe not, I still managed to win at my monthly girls poker night after a year long dry spell, I am living with a headache, and wearing prescription sunglasses wherever I go.  Yes I look like a fool, but I kinda think its rockstarish in a mommy aging kind of way.   I am tired and, I wanted a break so I LIED.  


The excuse was easy, I had to go to Yorkdale Mall to get my prescription glasses filled, pick out a new trendy pair of eyeglasses, to go with my new fake blonde hair, yes in case you didn’t know I am Indian, and our natural hair colour is black, well actually grey these days.  Needless to say, I never made it inside the mall,  instead I sat in the car of Yorkdale parking lot for two hours, rolled back the carseat, listened to loud music,  and had a green tea which I brought in a thermos and poured in my favourite Niam Jain Autism Artist Mug  – in retrospect a few bottles of red wine would have been great, but than drinking and driving is illegal, and I don’t think I could have afforded the UBER BILL, while the meter rung up, as I drank myself into a heavenly bliss.  I would have called someone, but I really wanted to be alone.


See this beautiful video by Samsung Canada of 13 year old Niam Jain Autism Artist who expresses his inner most thoughts and feeling through his artwork. Visit his website to find out more about his art.

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