Screening tools allow physicians to receive accurate information to assist in making a diagnosis. It can  help a parent who is concerned about the development of their child by indicating if the child requires further assessment.  A concerned parent can review the RED FLAG checklist below and download the MCHAT-R to fill out and take to the child’s physician.  The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers-Revised is scientifically validated tool for screening children between 16-30 months of age that assesses risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

 Screening tools do not replace a qualified medical practitioner nor are they tests or diagnostic instruments. They are simply a guide. You cannot use one to make a diagnosis. 

Download MCHAT-R here

Why Should Parents Screen Their Child?

It is important to screen a child for developmental milestones for a number of reasons:

1. Early signs can determine if the child has autism or is at risk for developing it.
2. By filling out a screening tool prior to a visit to a medical doctor , a more accurate diagnosis can be made by a practitioner.
3. More information can help lead to a better diagnosis.
4. Although all children are different and learn differently, research shows early intervention can improve outcomes.
 Recognizing that your child may be having difficulties in specific areas, gives you an opportunity to begin early intervention. Please browse through Able2learn Programs  for Special Education Resources, Visual Cooking for Life Skills.
Red Flags
The following “red flags” may help to determine if your child is at risk for Autism.

6-12 Month Markers:
-Infrequent eye contact
-Failure to orient to name
-Does not smile in response to smiles from others
-Social and emotional passivity
-Fixation on objects

By 12 Months:
– Poor or no eye contact
-Failure to orient to name
-Poor imitation
-No babbling by 12 months
-No gesturing by 12 months

By 16 Months:
-No single words by 16 months
-No pointing to objects or events of interest in an effort to share

By 24 Months:
-No spontaneous two-word phrases
-Loss of any language or social skills at any age

See our Able2learn Special Education Printable Worksheets,  Autism Education Resources, and Autism Cooking.  See our special adapted Science book,  easy to use, 67 pages workbook that works on various skills.


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