Have you ever been to a mega mall with numerous wings,  endless passages and, more stores than meets the eye? A few days back, Niam and I were at the newly renovated Sherway Gardens, enjoying our day, a visit to the Samsung Canada store for endless fun on all the great tablets, a cookie break at Starbucks coupled with a much needed green tea for mommy,  a visit to the ice cream store,  window shopping and, walking around enjoying each other’s company.download (3)

 As I was eyeing some gorgeous dresses in the windows of some of the stores, making a mental note, which ones I would like to try on, Niam announces, ” Time To Go Home”, with that, he was adamant, the day was over, I was not going to try on a dress no matter how much I tried to bribe him. I looked around to try to figure out exactly where we were in the mall, to  devise a mental plan to figure out the shortest route to the entrance of where our car is parked.    It did not take long for me to  realize I was lost in the sea of passages, on most days I would not mind, but needless to say, when you have a child who has ASD, and when he announces its time to leave, its time to leave NOW, not an hour later, half an hour or even five minutes later.

I decided to go back the way we came, to find a directory to devise the quickest way out,  I turned to Niam and said ” Lets go  this way”,  before I knew it he had started walking the opposite way. Too tired to argue, I followed him, and sure enough 100 feet ahead was the entrance we had entered.

Note to myself, when lost, follow Niam, many parents who have children with Autism report their visual memories are above average, perhaps that part of the brain compensates for other parts.

Niam’s ability to remember directions is AWESOME.

Autism is AWESOME.


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