You are planning a family night dinner at a restaurant.

You pack  the Autism Essential Emergency Package which includes book, tablet, games, squeeze toys, headphones, social story, token board, all the essentials to ensure a fun “relaxing” night with the family, a night off from cooking, washing dishes, clean up. Your enjoying the conversation,  you have your eyes on your child the entire time and, than it happens, you take your eyes off him for just a second, he notices the moment he can escape, and he is gone,  on his next Adventure, as whimsical and adventurous as Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Nervously you get up, and with your x-ray vision scan the room, you stop in horror, your son has found  a new family,  helping himself to generous portions of their fries, juice, dessert and any other sweet and carby food his heart desires. There are frowns, people standing up  with their arms flying in the air,  you run in record speed, and if timed, you would have set the world record in the 30 meter sprint.  There are words exchanged, apologies, tears, temper tantrums, everyone is stopping to look at the Naughty Runaway Without Manners, the Mommy Who Forgot To Teach Her Child discipline.

If we stop for a minute in our stressful lives of rules and social etiquette, Autism children remind us of how to  LOVE. They live a carefree life and, assume they can love everyone and everyone will love them. How Beautiful?




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Niam Jain Autism Artist created this breathtaking painting.



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