Keeping Niam busy on the weekends is a daunting task, every minute of the day has to be scheduled, activities meticulously  thought
out, followed through, be enjoyable, motivating and have some form of learning experience.   Thinking of new and creative places to take Niam is not easy, the place must be willing to make accommodations, safety is imperative, Niam must love it, and it must be easy to get to and price is always a factor.  A criteria list not easy to fill. It was not too long ago, I discovered Skyzone, a Trampoline Heaven for children on the Autism Spectrum, with more jumping mats than the eye can see, a trampoline basket ball, trampoline dodgeball and, the best trampoline jumping into a bed of balls, a sensory sensation.

I love how each child has their own mat to jump. I love how each child has their own mat to jump.

I bought an hour of jumping for Niam, a much better deal than purchasing only half an hour. The 10 visit pass brings the price per visit of jumping heaven down.  I scheduled into Niam’s Samsung Tablet. I use free data sheets to take data and keep track of Niam’s progress.  Enter, stand in line, keep you hands to yourself,  pay,  put outdoor items in locker, close locker, get ready for jumping.

Niam, a young boy, loves to jump up and down on the trampoline, enjoying being with the other children, jumping independently on his own mat, having his own space , and,  feeling like he is “playing” with the other children.  Niam does not do any tricks or flips, his rhythmic jumping is his focus, at times, I notice Niam intensely watching the other children and trying to imitate them, a skill highly important for development.

Niam watched the other children try different activities, he tried trampoline basket ball, his favourite being the jump into the bed of balls, a sensory delight.  Jumping into the bed of balls provides a opportunity for sequencing and practicing important skills. He has to practice listening for his turn, waiting for his turn, jumping on the trampoline and, jumping in the bed of balls, and than coming out. Coming out of the bed of balls was difficult for Niam, the practice great, somehow I got the feeling he would have liked to stay there all day.

Parents who are concerned about safety, there is not much to worry about,  rules are strict to prevent accidents and plenty of staff to assist your child, prevent bullying and, best of all, the overall culture of Skyzone is sensitive, welcoming and accommodating to our children.

The day ended great  off on a great note, with Niam happy,  the family estactic over finding and participating in a fun family activity, an activity that  helps Niam with his anxiety, regulation and gross motor skills.  The beautiful part of the experience is Niam sleeps through the night after a trampoline session at Skyzone, overall a great experience for the whole family.