You will not believe how I blundered this week. It is Monday morning, routine as usual, me making breakfast , packing lunch waiting for the children to come down dressed. I am waiting and no one is coming down. You would think after a weekend of having fun, Rohan and Niam would be wired to go to school.  Guess again!  I caught them playing  games on their Samsung Tablet instead of getting ready for school! If you think a child on the Spectrum can not be a bad influence, and , the other child will not take advantage of the situation, think again, caught the duo on camera. Just  ask Rohan how many late slips and detentions he has had in the last year.

Caught them red handed at 7:45 am Caught them red handed at 7:45 am

Threatened some punishments, but I got them out of their pyjamas and ready for school.
Niam has a  detailed schedule I have programmed in the Samsung Tablet.  He followed the schedule and, I finally got him to the door with all his gear snow pants, lunch bag, water bottle, squeeze toys, books, computer, tablet, head phones, all the items necessary to make his day run  smoothly.

I rushed to school and cursed under by breath at all the red lights.  Don’t you hate when you get one red light, and then all the red lights?

I don’t like being late. I have a paid therapist at school. I can’t help but count the money I am spending on his therapy when we are late.  Niam oblivious to the financial repercussions of us being late, is enjoying himself in the car with his tablet, games, and listening to his favourite song, Depeche Mode’s “ Everything Counts”

I get him to school and hurried him out of the car. Me in my pajamas, hair a mess, ushered him inside, my arms full of bags, thinking of my green tea latte at Starbucks, when the teacher says to me , “ What are you doing here?” I must have had a perplexed look on my face, as she continues , “It’s March Break” .  “What do you mean it’s March Break? March Break is not until next week!” Sigh. This sucks.

Panic! No plans for the day. No latte for me. No quiet time.

Thank goodness for the tablet and, all the goodies it comes with, as Niam drifts into the world of technology , I am quickly planning the day.